Supporting Gurkha Communities to Enhance their Understanding of Environmental Sustainability  

We organised a training workshop at Aldershot to support the Gurkha communities to enhance their understanding of environmental sustainability. The participants were able to enhance their knowledge and skills related to environmental sustainability including reducing carbon foot prints and promoting conservation activities.

Mr G. P Gurung, ex-Gurkha veteran – one of the participants of the training workshop said, “we are delighted to be a part of this environment initiative of CAN International. The members of our communities, especially those who struggle with literacy are immensely benefited from this training workshop. We are very much thankful to CAN for giving us this wonderful opportunity to be a part of this and helping us to enhance our knowledge and skills relating to environmental conservation”.​

Further information about these initiatives can also be found in Semble website.

The Gurkha Centre (CAN International) is Supporting Key Gurkha Veteran Communities across England and Scotland

Many Gurkha veteran communities across the UK are still struggling to effectively use the available public services and settle well in the UK. In order to support these communities, not long ago, we formed our organisation/team and started to work with the communities straightaway.

Our Gurkha Community Support Officers are tirelessly working with the key Gurkha communities across England and Scotland to support the veterans and their families especially with regard to their enhanced access to public services and improved wellbeing.

Currently, our team is conducting drop-in sessions and home visits, providing supports via telephone, promoting veteran and families networks and their socio-cultural activities, and organising various training and workshops to empower them and support their wellbeing. We are working in key Gurkha settlement areas including Hampshire (Aldershot), London (Hounslow and Greenwich), Kent (Folkstone), Reading, Cambridgeshire and Aberdeen.
The key areas of support include helping veterans and families for their welfare (benefits, pension credits), job applications /employment, housing applications, freedom passes / travel, GPs/hospital appointments, banking support (documentation), resolving DWP issues, changing circumstances, interpretation, education, language, socio-cultural activities, environmental awareness, sharing of information and developing linkage with the stakeholders.

​We are very encouraged from the level of impacts that we are making on the communities and the support we are receiving from the stakeholders. 

In our recent visit to Folkstone, Mr C Gurung, the chairperson of the Gurkha Nepalese Community said they are very pleased to have The Gurkha Centre's (CAN International’s) support with regard to veterans and families social wellbeing in Folkstone. He further added that CAN International’s support to the communities through organising drop in sessions and promoting veterans networking have been very effective to tackle the issues of isolation and wellbeing.  

Ms PR Limbu, who visited our drop-in session in Hounslow in Jan 2019 said due to her literacy she was struggling to understand her correspondence with the agencies. The Gurkha Officer from The Gurkha Centre/CAN International helped me to sort out my documentation with DWP and the Council. He also drove me to the Hounslow Council and sorted my freedom pass. I am immensely thankful to the Officer and CAN International.

Ms SM Gurung of Aldershot Gurkha Aama Samuha said she can not say how thankful they are to The Gurkha Centre for supporting their networking, socio-cultural activities and overall wellbeing.

​There are many Gurkha veterans and families still struggling to settle in mainly due to literacy, language and cultural barrier. They need our help! 

  Gurkha Environmental Conservation Project workshop

CAN International successfully organised a training workshop on reducing carbon footprint and promoting environmental conservation at Aldershot, Hampshire on 03 February 2019. Thirty participants, mainly from Gurkha Nepali community participated this workshop. The participants were able to enhance their understanding and skills to reduce carbon footprint and promote local environmental conservation.

Workshop on  Reducing Carbon Footprint and Promoting Environmental Conservation

We are very pleased to share that we are organising a training workshop on reducing carbon footprint and promoting environmental conservation, targeting to the members of the ethnic minority and marginalised communities, at Aldershot, Hampshire on 03 February 2019.



The main objective of this workshop is to support the members of the ethnic minority community to improve their understanding and skills for the reduction of carbon footprints and conservation of environment.
Please register your interest if you would like to participate in this workshop using the details provided in the flyer.
Limited spaces available; the event is free!
If you need further information about this event or our initiative, please let us know: [email protected]


Celebrating the Centenary of Women Gaining the Right to Vote

CAN International successfully organised a community awareness public talk at Aldershot (Hampshire) to aware and inspire the women, especially from the Gurkha Nepalese community to enhance their participation in
political processes including voting in the elections.

The awareness talk was organised in the Empire Hall (Aldershot) on 11 November 2018. With the support from CAN International and the community volunteers, the talk was delivered by key speakers who has a greater knowledge and understanding of the UK voting history and current systems. The talk was interactive, with Q & A sessions. The relevant brochures were also shared with the participants.

​​Following the talk and the workshop, the participants enjoyed the celebration (with social Gurkha curry lunch) of the centenary of women gaining the right to vote.

The event was a great success. The participants were inspired from the history of voting rights, and many
of them expressed that they will now take part in UK elections as they tend to ignore to vote in the
elections earlier.

CAN International Enjoys Parliament Reception

CAN International received an invitation to attend a Parliamentary Reception as a recognition of its work towards building resilience among ethnic minority communities, particularly the Gurkha Nepali communities in the UK. 

Dr Balram Dhakal represented the CAN International at the Reception which was hosted by Anneliese Dodds, MP.

This Reception recognised how we were successfully supporting communities to enhance their well-being and overall resilience.



Dr Dhakal, the Coordinator of our resilience initiatives said, “The Parliamentary Reception was a fantastic opportunity to highlight and share the excellent work that we are doing, especially for Gurkha Nepalese communities.

We were absolutely delighted to have had the opportunity to meet with MP and senior corporate officials to share our work whilst learning how we can further support our communities to make sustainable impacts”.​​​

Celebrating the Centenary of Women Gaining the Right to Vote

A Public Talk on Citizens' Right to Vote


Participating in the UK Government's initiative to celebrate the centenary of women gaining the right to vote, CAN International is organising a Public Awareness Talk on voting right, particularly focussing on Gurkha communities.

Date: 11 November 2018
Time: 11:00 -15:00 hours

Venue: Empire Hall, High Street, Aldershot, GU11 1DJ

The main purpose of this talk is to enhance the understanding of, and engagement with, democracy, among the members of the public, particularly of the Gurkha communities and inspire them to participate in political processes including raising their voice at local decision-making levels and increase their participation in voting in the elections.
This event is free, so please come along – everyone welcome! 

For registration, please contact Bhim Tamang on 07366569926 or drop us an email at:

Gurkha Services Centre Organised a Community Meeting at Folkestone

We had a very fruitful meeting with the Folkstone Gurkha Nepalese community. We discussed the various aspects of our collaboration with regard to supporting members of the community, especially elderly Gurkha veterans and senior citizens.


Through our Gurkha Services Centre, we will be continuing to support the Gurkha community to organise various activities for improving general health and well-being of the community members.

We are hiring a Gurkha Services Officer !!!

 Vacancy Announcement
Gurkha Services Officer

Basis: Self-employed contract
Salary: £24,00 per annum, pro rata basis
Type: Part-time (variable hours, from 2 days to 3 days per week) [Full-time will also be considered]
Duration: 5 months with the possibility of extension, subject to availability of funding

Communities and Nature International (CAN International) is looking for a dynamic and enthusiastic Gurkha Services Officer to deliver its support services to the Gurkha veterans and communities across different areas of England.

CAN International ( ) is a charity based in Peterborough, UK, working to support the communities, especially disadvantaged communities across England and Nepal, for their wellbeing and conserve the nature and natural resources on which they depend.

The principal task of the Officer will be supporting the Gurkha veterans and communities on different aspects of their welfare and wellbeing, liaising with different stakeholders.

You will need to have some experience of working as a British Gurkha Army (ex-Gurkha Army), be highly motivated, hold at least a degree or equivalent education or experience, fluent in Nepali and English, eligible to work in the UK, and be able to undertake travel across English cities for work, including home-visits and drop-in sessions.

Please follow this link for the detailed description of this position.
Application procedure: If you would like to apply for this post, please send your CV and the Letter of Motivation to [email protected]

Application deadline: Open until filled

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Supporting Gurkha Communities in Scotland

Our Scotland team is supporting Gurkha veterans and families in Aberdeen. They are organising drop-in information sessions and supporting veterans network meetings to provide information related to the challenges they are facing, particularly related to access to public services to enhance their wellbeing. Last week, our team successfully organised a drop-in information session, which was followed by the community networking meeting. 

The veterans and families are taking these opportunities to get information mostly related to their pensions, housing, education and other local and national services including NHS. Additionally, these events had been fantastic opportunities for them to develop their networks, avoid isolation and share the learning and experiences among themselves. The veterans and families are happy with the project initiatives, and they extended their sincere thanks to our project team during the meeting.

Ethnic Communities will Benefit from Our New Environmental Conservation Project

CAN International has received a grant from Greggs Foundation for a project that supports the members of the ethnic minority communities to reduce carbon footprints and promote environmental conservation. In addition to raising awareness, key community members from ethnic minority communities will be trained to reduce their carbon footprints and promote local conservation as a part of this project.

We look forward to implementing this project in collaboration with the communties and stakeholders. Massive thanks to the Greggs Foundation for supporting our project. 

Making Memories in the Seaside

Members of the Aldershot Gurkha Community had a lovely day trip to Bournemouth. One hundred and two community members, mostly women and senior citizens went on the trip with the Coordinators of the CAN International and Aldershot Gurkha Aama Samuha.

​Many members brought in their own refreshments including classical Nepalese foods and enjoyed having a ‘picnic’, sitting on the side of the sea. They enjoyed walking along the soft sands and the pier, riding the land train that runs across the seafront in front of the beach huts and shopping. They also enjoyed performing their cultural dance at the nearby park, that attracted the local visitors too.

The participants expressed how much they enjoyed the day out – having a day out at the seaside was a wonderful experience; it helped to bring the community members together and also reduced isolation, depression and boredom. The members thanked the CAN International for providing financial support (partial) and coordinating this trip and providing opportunity to make such a difference in their life, creating amazing memories. They are now looking forward to may more days out together.

Community Resilience Building Workshops  


The community resilience workshops on what to do in an emergency, especially climate-induced emergency, were organised for the minority ethnic, disadvantaged communities at Reading and Aldershot. The members of the Gurkha communities participated in the workshop. The participants expressed that these workshops were very useful to enhance their understanding of emergencies (e.g. climate induced power cut) and ways to deal with them. CAN International is very thankful to SSE Resilience Community Fund for the generous grant to organise these workshops to support our communities for building resilience.   

Community Resilience and Emergencies Workshop Organised at Aldershot, Hampshire  


We successfully delivered a community training workshop at Aldershot on 15th April 2018. Thirty women and men from Gurkha communities actively participated in the training. Durga Thapa, PCSO, Hampshire Constabulary, supported us to facilitate the workshop. The participants were able to receive information and training especially on what to do in an emergency. Several aspects of climate-induced power cut and development of community resilience were covered.

​We are thankful to PCSO Durga Thapa, Gurkha Mothers Group and Greater Rushmoor Nepali Community, especially Man Gurung for their active support to make this training workshop a success.   

 Job Opportunity: Gurkha Veterans and Communities Support Officer 


We are looking for an experienced Gurkha veteran with excellent communication and leadership skills to support the delivery of the project initiatives. Our projects are focussed on providing support to the elderly veterans and families across the UK to enhance their access to public services and improve their well-being.
Position Description
Location: Home-based
Job type: Contract/Self-employed (until March 2019)
Full time: 35 hours per week
Salary: Competitive (Charity)
We would like to hear from you if you have the following expertise and interests:
  • Strong interest to support needy, vulnerable and elderly Gurkha veterans and families on a range of areas including their welfare, access to NHS, networking and linkage with the government and non-government agencies
  • Ability to understand the Gurkha welfare systems and support needs of the veterans (ideally a Ex-Gurkha Army)
  • Ability to develop and work in partnership with a range of stakeholders including Gurkha communities, community leaders and the Councils
  • Have a greater understanding of Gurkha communities’ social challenges
  • Good leadership skills, and people and communication skills
  • Good Knowledge of Microsoft package (Word, Excel and Outlook)
  • Willingness to travel across cities, mainly around London, Kent, Hampshire and Berkshire for the meetings, drop-in sessions (surgeries) and community support. However, candidate willing to work locally will also be considered based on their potential to contribute to the projects. Mileage will be paid.
To apply please submit your CV and a Cover Letter to [email protected] clearly demonstrating your suitability for this position. For informal enquiries contact Balram Dhakal at 07897956247.

Closing date for applications: Friday 20th April 2018.

CAN International is committed to equality of opportunity. 

Community Resilience and Emergencies Workshop at Aldershot  


In association with Gurkhas Aaama Samuha (Women’s Group), CAN International is organising a one-day Community Resilience and Emergencies workshop at Aldershot on 15th April 2018. 

This training workshop is particularly targeted to elderly, vulnerable Gurkha veterans and their families. You will expect to get information and skills on what to do in an emergency.

Please see the Flyer attached for the further details.

If you would like to participate in the workshop, please register your interest:

Mobile: 07897956247 or 07378413006

Supporting Gurkha Aaama Samuha at Aldershot  


CAN International is providing support to the Gurkhas Aaama Samuha (Women’s Group) at Aldershot for their cultural programme, networking events and general wellbeing.

The group organises the networking and cultural programme every Tuesday locally. The initiative has been very popular among the Gurkha families.

Very positive feedbacks are being received from the community members about this programme as it is helping the members to interact and share their knowledge and experiences with regard to community integration, challenges, opportunities and the overall wellbeing. It is also helping to address the widespread isolation amongst the Gurkha veterans in the Greater Rushmoor area.
​​Responding to our support to the community, the president of Aaama Samuha, Mrs Seti Maya Gurung explained “It is very important that we get together and share our experiences as many of elderly veterans and families are feeling isolation, and also organise some well-being activities such as Yoga. We welcome all the interested community members to join us and benefit from this programme. We are very grateful to the CAN International for the support,  and we hope to receive continued support in the days to come as well.” 

We were on air with BFBS Radio


Balram Dhakal and Sanju Gurung spoke in great details about our organisation, CAN International and its programmes, specifically with regard to our support to Gurkha veterans and families across the UK in an interview with BFBS Gurkha radio on 14th November 2017. 

The BFBS Gurkha radio is popular amongst the Gurkha communities in the UK and overseas, and we believe that the interview provided the opportunity to the targeted Gurkha communities to learn about our organisation, initiatives and their potential participation in our activities.

We are very grateful to BFBS Radio for giving us the opportunity to speak about our organisation and the initiatives.

CAN International is officially registered in Scotland!


We are pleased to hear that our application to register as a Scottish charity has been accepted by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR).

Brilliant news for us! We are now officially a Scottish charity (No. SC047810) as well!

We look forward to working with the colleagues and communities in Scotland in the days to come.

Meetings with Gurkha Nepalese Communities at Aldershot


We had very fruitful meetings with Greater Rushmoor Nepali Community (GRNC) and Gurkha Aaama Samuha at Aldershot. We agree to work together in partnership for the wellbeing of the members of the Nepalese/Gurkha communities.

We are thankful for their warm reception and hospitality.

We look forward to working with them.

Partnership to work together for Gurkha Nepalese Community at Folkstone


We had a wonderful meeting with Folkstone Gurkha Nepalese Community (FNC) yesterday at Folkstone. We discussed about how we can work together in partnership to address the challenges that our communities are facing.

We were humbled by the warm welcome of the community; we are thankful to the executive committee and the community members for such a great reception!

Very much look forward to working with FNC in the days to come.

Drop-in Sessions for Hounslow Gurkha Communities


We organised the very successful Drop-in Sessions for the Gurkha communities yesterday at Hounslow. The community members, especially the elderly Gurkha veterans and their family members actively participated in our sessions. Information relevant to their daily life in the context of community integration and overall wellbeing including welfare, community networking, local agencies and NHS appointments were shared with the communities during information session. The information session was followed by one-to-one sessions, allowing the members to discuss their issues in detail.

The community members were happy to see us coming to Hounslow to support them. We also shared our interest to work with them in the future and explained our plan of activities including next drop-in sessions. We are encouraged from the level and enthusiasm of the community participation and hope to receive similar level of participation in our future activities too.  

We organised this event in collaboration with Gurkha Welfare Trust and age UK Hounslow. Many thanks to them, especially Capt (Retd) Gary Ghale for his guidance and support. We are also very thankful for the Hounslow Gurkha community for their participation and support.

Meeting with the Councillor at Hounslow City Council, London


CAN International team had a very fruitful meeting with Hounslow City Councillor Bishnu Gurung yesterday. We discussed the challenges that the Gurkha communities facing in the areas, the support available for them from different agencies, particularly from the Council and our project approach to support the Gurkha communities.

Cllr Gurung offered his support to our team to work with the communities in Hounslow. We are encouraged from the discussions and his offer of support, and are looking forward to work with the Council and communities at Hounslow.​

Community Awarness and Capacity Building Workshop

We successfully organised a community awareness and capacity building workshop on 16/07/2017 for the people from ethnic minority communities in Peterborough. Fifteen participants from ethnic minority community  participated the workshop. The participants had the opportunity to discuss various aspects of public and financial services along with the CV preparation and job application during the workshop.

It was a part of the project that we are implementing with the funding support from Big Lottery Fund. Many thanks to Big Lottery Fund for the financial support and also to the community who actively participated in the workshop.


One of our Trustees is Fundraising, help! 

Dr Balram Dhakal, one of our trustees is fundraising for an elderly woman living in difficult circumstances in rural Nepal. Please support for this genuine cause if you can, thank you.

He is targeting to raise £500 to support her, especially to meet her immediate medical and mobility needs. So far more than £200 has been raised. 

Follow the link for further information and support:

CAN International is Recruiting..



Project Liaison and Support Officer (Self-employed)

Communities and Nature (CAN) International is looking for a Project Liaison and Support Officer to support the delivery of the project aimed at setting up and running a ‘Gurkha Veterans Support Centre’ for supporting Gurkha communities across England for their successful social transition and access to public services.

CAN International is a small charity based in Peterborough, UK, working to support the communities, especially disadvantaged communities across England and Nepal, for their wellbeing and conserve the nature and natural resources on which they depend.

The primary task of the candidate will be to support the delivery of the community support activities through Gurkha Support Centre, liaising with communities and stakeholders. You will have a greater understanding of support needs of the Gurkha communities here in the UK. You will engage with the communities and stakeholders to support the communities regarding their social transition and access to public services, mainly by providing information available out there. Working with Consultant – Project Manager, you will also coordinate the veteran networking meeting and community events and facilitate communities’ linkage with the stakeholders including government institutions to address the challenges that the Gurkha communities facing. You will also support Project Manager to implement project activities including setting up the Centre, smooth running of its operations, publications and networking.

You will need to have some experience of working as a British Gurkha Army (ex-Gurkha Army), be highly motivated, hold at least a degree or equivalent education or experience, fluent in Nepali and English, eligible to work in the UK, and be able to undertake travel across England for work, including home-visits and drop-in sessions.

The position is for one year (with possibility of extension) with 37.5 contracted working hours per week, over five days, to suit the requirements of the Centre, as notified by the CAN Board of Trustees. Initial contract will be made for six months. Some weekend and evening work may be required, especially while organising community events and working to support families in the satellite cities.

Pay rate will be competitive based on your experience.

Click here for further details about job description.

Application instructions:
If you wish to apply, please send your CV and a covering letter explaining why you wish to work in this role to [email protected].

Closing date: 31 May 2017                                

Regrettably, due to limited resources and the number of applications we receive, we are only able to contact short-listed candidates. If you do not hear from us within four weeks of the closing date, please assume that you have not been successful on this occasion.
​​Community Workshop​​

CAN International organised the Citizenship and Community Integration Workshop on 26 February 2017 in Peterborough, UK, collaborating with local communities. Twenty participants, mainly from ethnic minorities, gained the experience of enhancing their understanding of different aspects of British values and legal and public services that matter to their day-to-day life in the context of new settlement and/or integration in the communities. The workshop was facilitated by Mr Devendra Shrestha (Barrister-at-Law), Mr Govind Belbase and Mr Surendra Shrestha who have significant expertise and experiences in this field.​

We received very good feedback from the participants. They expressed their positive experiences of learning new ideas and provisions relevant to their daily life and community cohesion and integration, and inquired about the possibility of organising similar initiatives in the future in a wider scale.

We would like to thank the experts and participants for helping us to make this workshop a very successful community event here at Peterborough.




Citizenship and Community Integration Workshop for Communities

We are organising a Citizenship and Community Integration Workshop on Sunday 26th February 2017 in Peterborough city, covering a range of topics including access to public services and other aspects of community integration and cohesion.

This workshop is mainly targeted to the ethnic minority communities. 

For further details, please see the attached flyer .

Funding support for CAN International’s project to support Gurkha Veterans and their families

In Autumn Statement, the Chancellor of Exchequer, Philip Hammond MP announced the funding award for our project to set-up and run a Veterans' Support Centre for Ghurkha Veterans and their families.

The funding, administered by the HM Treasury, will allow CAN International to support the Gurkha Veterans and their families for their successful social transition, access to public services, healthy living including connecting them to nature and overall social well-being.

Responding to this announcement, Dr Balram Dhakal, the Director of the CAN International says:
“We are very grateful for this funding support from the Chancellor of the Exchequer which will enable us to support the needy Gurkha Veterans and their families for their successful transition, access to public services and nature, and well-being. We will set-up and run a ‘Gurkha Veterans Support Centre’ (Gurkha Centre) and support the Veterans and families through this Centre. The Centre will also facilitate to develop or strengthen the support networks of veterans and encourage the veteran communities’ engagement with government agencies to enable them to deal with the challenges, engaging with the agencies”.

The CAN International compiled and submitted the bid for support earlier this year and this funding was the successful outcome of that bid.

Citizenship' and Societies Workshops

CAN International is going to organise a series of workshops to enahce the capacity of the ethnic minorities to enhance their wellbeing and community integration. 

Please let us know if you would like to participate in this event. We are aiming to correspond with the potential participants, however, if you have not received our mail, you can send your request simply via email:  [email protected] .

This workshop will be very helpful to enhance the understanding and knowledge including legal provisions that matters in our day-to-day life, parenthood, access to public services and the contribution of the community to build a cohesive society.

The workshop will be delivered by the lawyer/barrister. There will also be the opportunities to explore the solutions for any thematic personal legal issues that you are currently facing.

The details including exact dates, venue etc. will follow soon.

Associate Membership? Interested? Get in Touch

If you would like to join us to help deliver these genuine charity objectives, please get in touch. We are happy to discuss the possibility. There is a lot of potential for networking, fund raising and project implementation towards addressing the issues of wellbeing of the people in the communities.