The Gurkha Centre (TGC)

Through The Gurkha Centre (TGC), we are providing a range of information and support to the Gurkha veterans and families across the UK with regard to their access to public services, community integration, networking and overall well-being during their social transition. We work with different stakeholders including Councils and NGOs to support the Gurkha communities to address their challenges through effective networking and partnership.
If you would like to be a part of the TGC or would like to hear more about our Gurkha Services, please get in touch:  [email protected] . ​ 

Conservation and Sustainable Development Programmes

We do have broad interests in making lasting impacts on conservation and development. In addition to promoting conservation, we are keen to implement the initiatives that help to improve the livelihoods of the people living in poverty.

Currently our projects in the UK are focussing on promoting environmental conservation and tackling climate change. We are looking for the opportunities to expand our work in overseas, especially in South Asia.
@the Third Pole

CAN International is also interested in the research and publications, particularly in the areas of conservation and sustainable development. Our team is working towards developing the partnership with research institutions including Universities to plan and implement our research programmes.

Supporters and Partners

We are very much thankful to our supporters and partners.